New Foundation of Galilee

Please Support Our Mission to Accomodate, Feed, and Educate

Our Mission

After the earthquake destroyed Haiti in 2010, the country was left in a miserable condition. Many buildings and infrastructures has been completely wiped out. This has been the case for the Institution Mixte Chretienne de Galilee, a Christian private school in Nazon, a small community in the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The New Foundation of Galilee is a non-profit organization that seeks to help the children in Nazon by providing them with a new school building with quality classrooms, a library and a cafeteria. Please support our mission to help our children be successful for the future.


Help Us Educate

Support the New Foundation of Galilee children in their goal to overcome their geographical and economic boundaries to become successful leaders of their country tomorrow.

Help Us Make A Difference

Your funds will provide books and other school materials for our children.

Your generous donations will be a stepping stone to ensure the graduation of the children of the New Foundation of Galilee.

With your generous donations we can provide our students the food they need in order to focus on their academic goals.